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Art Practice: Hard Skills vs Soft Skills

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Beginners get really frustrated with not being able to draw consistently because they don’t have a good handle on the hard skills. If you can’t pull a pen across the paper without wobbling, how could you hope to reliably draw something as complicated as the human body…?

Framed Perspective 1 [Review]

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Framed Perspective 1 by Marcos Mateu-Mestre contains excellent information for the comic or concept artist: someone who needs to create a believable (but not technically perfect) world, to add mood and atmosphere to their cityscapes or room interiors, or direct attention within a frame. It does so by teaching applied perspective.

Drawabox: Beauty knows no pain [Review]

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Drawabox is basically a really solid drawing exercise plan for absolute beginners. I do hear often that it’s “too hard”/”too long”, and I admit that it does ask you to do a lot of work. However, the value you get back for your efforts is pretty incredible. In fact, I think any artist could benefit from doing these exercises… and you can’t beat the price, which is free…

I love art, but should I follow my dreams? Or aim for financial security?

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There is no right answer that fits everyone. Some people can study with death metal blasting from their headphones; some like complete silence. Some people love meeting new faces, and some prefer a little alone time. Doesn’t it make sense that your approach to your career should be the same way?